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Teacup Yorkie Girl – Maci

teacup yorkie, tiny yorkie, teacup yorkshire terrier

  Sweet little Valentine Yorkie is sure to win your heart. Weighing only 35 oz at 15 weeks, she is extra tiny. Our little Maci teacup yorkie is a precious little gem and a real snuggler. She will steal the heart of everyone and look both ears are almost up.  She will be tiny and gorgeous.  Family loved and Family raised. This… Read more »

Teacup Golden Sable Yorkshire Terrier

Little YOrkie, Tiny Chocolate Yorkie, tinypuppy, golden sable yorkie

Teacup Golden Sable Yorkie Puppy with Chocolate Bloodlines Bring Little Romeo home to your sweetheart and you will surely have true love forever. This Little boy is 2.5 lb and is almost 11 weeks old. Romeo is just beautiful with a Beautiful Golden Sable thick little coat and little button eyes.  He is ready now to come be your… Read more »

Charlie Brown Christmas Teacup Yorkie

Golden Sable Yorkie, Golden Sable teacup Yorkie, Charlie Brown Teacup Yorkie, tinypuppy

    This is our truly sweet Teacup Yorkie, Charlie Brown.  He joyfully bobbles along just like Charlie does with the Peanuts gang as they learn the true meaning of Christmas.  Just like Charlie Brown this little sweetheart will win the hearts of everyone in your family.  He is only 2 lbs and is 13 weeks… Read more »

Christmas Teddy Bear Little Yorkie Puppy

Cobby Body Yorkie, Teddy Bear Yorkie, Little Yorkshire Terrier, Tiny Yorkie Boy

This Little Yorkie is named Bear.  Our little Teddy Bear is just as sweet as can be.  He has a thick Teddy Bear coat and a cute little Teddy Bear face.  Little Bear has a short cobby body.  Bear is 2.4 lbs at 11 weeks old.  Put this little Bear on your Christmas list and he… Read more »

Beau – Teacup Yorkie Puppy Tiny

micro teacup yorkie, micro yorkie, teacup yorkie, golden sable yorkie

Tiny Black and Tan Teacup Yorkie Puppy! Our little Beau is absolutely Stunning.  This little guy is Tuxedo Ready.  He is 2.6 lbs and 4 months of age. He is estimated to be around 3.5 lbs full grown. Beau has a thick black and tan coat and a cobby little body. The sunlight makes his hair look lighter but… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy Tiny Timmy 1 Lb

micro yorkie, micro yorkshire terrier, 1 lb yorkie, tiniest yorkie

    Our tiny Micro Yorkie Puppy Tiny Timmy is as cute as can be.  At  He has a sweet tiny face and a soft little coat and is ready soon to come keep you warm this Christmas. He has a dark, dark coat, short little ears and a tiny nose.  This little guy is… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy Cocoa Mia 19 oz

micro teacup yorkie, micro yorkie, micro sable yorkie, golden sable

  Micro Cocoa Mia is every Yorkie owners dream.  Teeny Tiny Cocoa Mia is just 19 oz and 14 weeks old.  She is the perfect little baby that can travel in a pet purse anywhere with you.  Snuggle up by the fire with roasted chestnuts and Cocoa Mia and let this little girl enjoy some belly rubs.  Cocoa Mia… Read more »

Little Yorkie Chester

Little Yorkie Boy, Golden Sable Yorkshire Terrier, Gold yorkie

Little Yorkie Chester is the sweetest little lap puppy.  He is the perfect little puppy to sit with you around keeping you warm by the fire.  Chester is 2.6 lbs and is 13 wks old.  His Mother has the gold gene and is a Parti Yorkie. Dad is a Golden Sable Yorkie with Chocolate and Black and… Read more »

Micro Molly Teacup Yorkie Puppy

Micro Yorkie, teacup Yorkie, tiny yorkie, Yorshire terrier girl, tiny puppy

Our tiny little Molly is just a little doll.  She is only 22 oz at 10 weeks of age.  She is happy and healthy and ready to come be your little purse baby. DOB 8-27-2015 AKC registration Papers $3200  

Teacup Yorkie Baby Boy Bentley

  Our little Bentley is absolutely Gorgeous.  He is 2.5 lbs at 3.5 months old.  What a gorgeous little boy.  Bentley loves to cuddle and play with his sister Molly.  His coat is blue and gold and beautiful.  Bentley is ready now to go to his new home. DOB 8-27-2015 AKC Registration Papers $2650