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Beautiful Yorkie Denni – Champion Lines

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  Our Beutiful  Tiny Yorkie Denni.  Denni weighs only 4 lbs and is almost 8 months old.    What a sweetheart.  She will melt your heart with love. Denni’s mom is 1/2 parti yorkie.  Denni has a very beautiful thick coat and sweet little eyes. She is a little sweetheart who loves to snuggle and nuzzle. She would be a great addition to… Read more »

Oh Susie Q – Tiny Teacup Yorkie Baby

susie q baby yorkie

  OH Suzie Q.  What a darling little girl.  She is almost 6 weeks old and only weighs 23 oz.  Looks like she will be black and tan like her Mama.  She is already playing with toys and wrapping me around her little paw.  You will love our Susie Q.  She also loves to hear… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Nellie – 1/2 Parti Yorkie

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What a cutie pie.  This little yorkshire terrier is a pretty as can be.  Nellie is just 19 oz 7 weeks of age.  Even though she is a 1/2 Parti Yorkie her coat is very dark.  He Dad is a golden Sable and her mom is a full Parti Yorkie with the Nikkos parti yorkshire lines…. Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Pixie

micro yorkie, teacup yorkie, tiny yorkie

    Pixie is one of those special little teacup Yorkie girls that is just full of love.  She is  12 weeks and weighs 1.6 lbs.  She is very smart and already  fetching a ball. It is so cute.  Brings it back every time.  Pretty good for a tiny yorkie.  Shes a cutie that knows how… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Hot Chocolate

Chocolate yorkie, teacup chocolate yorkie, tiny chocolate yorkie, christmas puppy

Our little Mandy is as sweet as a cup of Hot Chocolate.    She is estimated to be in the 3.5 to 4 lb range.  She has a chocolate coat with a black nose.  She is just a little snuggler and just like a cup of Hot Chocolate she will keep you warm all winter…. Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Bella

teacup yorkie, tiny puppy, yorkshire terrier puppy, teacup yorkshire terrier puppy

Oh what fun it is to snuggle with  Bella.  She is a sweet doll and just loves to ride in her sleigh.  Bella weighed only 3.2 lbs and is 5.5 months old.    What a sweetheart.  She will melt your heart with love.  Bella’s mom is 1/2 parti yorkie. AKC Registration Papers DOB 08-18-14 $3200  

Micro Yorkie Christmas Noel

Micro yorkshire terrier, micro yorkie, teacup yorkie, christmas puppy, tinypuppy

  Our xtra xtra tiny Noel.  Noel known at Ellie around here is a very special little girl. She weighs only 20 oz and is 14 weeks  old.  Charting to be around 2 lbs full grown.  She has a beautiful coat with a short little nose.  She is so sweet and what a doll.  She… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Suzy Snowflake

teacup yorkie puppy, tinypuppy, tiny yorkie, yorkshire terrier

  Just like the song says.  “Here comes Suzy Snowflake. Look at her tumblin’ down. Bringing joy to every girl and boy. Suzy’s come to town.” Our tiny little Suzy is just 5 weeks old and still nursing on Mama.  She will be ready in December as soon as she is weaned.   Perfect timing for that December… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy Milky Way

tiny Yorkie, teacup Yorkie, tinypuppy, tiny puppy

This tiny little Yorkshire Terrier puppy is MICRO Milky Way! He is a doll, as you can see. He only weighs 2.4 lbs and will be 5 months old on Halloween.  Milky Way truly Smiles for the Camera as you can see! Not only does he look like a happy puppy but he is a… Read more »