About TinyPuppy

Micro & Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale

Tinypuppy.com specializes in tiny puppies. 

We are Breeding Quality Yorkshire Terrier Puppies to be Healthy, Happy Family Additions to your home.

tinypuppy.com is owned and operated by Marianne Cook, her husband, who is a physician assistant. Linda Kay Tennison who also has alot of experience with yorkies for over 8 years, is our Puppy Nanny when we are on vacation or delivering a puppy. Linda Kay comes in to help bathe and play with the puppies 4 or more hours a day. She is a great help in taking care of puppies and giving them the x-tra attention and love when they are at our house. She is well trained in taking care of tiny tiny puppies.

When we are not taking care of our puppies we love to spend time on the bay that is in our back yard. We live inn Texas on Lavaca Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. We enjoy sailing and water sports as well as our dogs.

tinypuppy.com is a small operation so sometimes we list puppies that are raised by Yorkshire Terrier Breeders (3 of our best friends) who we trust.  These breeders also strive to raise happy, healthy puppies for you and your family.  We own 5 adults of our own and 2 of them are not breeders.  They are our family.

We also have a foster program. Our foster parents consist of nurses, a teacher, a police officer and a couple of stay at home moms who raise our Dams (female adult dog) in there home as pets. When it is time to breed we use our micro teacup yorkie stud Sailor and and our AKC Parti Yorkie Skipper to breed the Dams (female Yorkies) in our home.  After breeding she goes back to her foster family until time for the teacup Yorkies to be born.  I whelp the puppies and keep a very watchful eye on them.  The first few days I am up every 2 hours making sure the teacup puppies are nursing.  Sometimes the micro yorkie puppies are so tiny they can’t even suck on Mama, so we tube feed the puppy and help them nurse until they are eating on their own.

When the teacup yorkshire terrier puppies are 4 weeks old they are introduced to regular food and still nurse on the Yorkie Mom. They also start their pottie pad training at this time.  When our Yorkshire Terrier Mom finishes weaning the puppies she returns to her home, where she is  love and cared for s a pet. This way we know that all our Dams are family loved and family raised.

When our foster moms go home we continue our excellent care of our puppies. They are kept up to date on their shots, wormings and heartworm preventative. Our nursery usually has any where from 6 – 10 puppies at a time. We also have a family room that is puppy friendly that they play in during the day and evenings. The older puppies that have had at least 2 shots are allowed to play out side in a covered play area that the absolutely love.  Then they stay in PlayYards in the nursery at night or when we are not home. They live in a very happy healthy environment with Marianne and Gary and their puppy nanny Delia to give them their weekly baths and lots of loves and kisses.

Most of our puppies will be Microchipped with a microchip. This is a free service to you and a $60 value. A microchip is a means of permanent identification for your puppy. It contains a unique number that is linked to your contact information in the Avid Pet database. If your puppy is ever lost and turned into a shelter or veterinary office, this number can be scanned and your puppy returned to you.

Our puppies are usually shipped with a nanny on board. They do not fly alone. They are flown with us in the cabin. We are there to hand your special baby to you.  We have flown our puppies all over the world including, Grand Cayman, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. Contact us today about the Micro & Teacup Yorkie Puppies we have available!

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Through our commitment, experience, and expertise tinypuppy.com has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!