Sold Puppies

We have beautiful Family loved and Family raised Yorkies, Chocolate Yorkies and Parti Biewer Yorkies and Maltese!
The Yorkies below have been Sold.
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Enjoy the pictures, but remember you are not allowed to copy these pictures without the written permission of tinypuppy llc. Thanks!

Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie Mickey

micro yorkie Mickey, teacup yorkie, tinypuppy, tiny yorkshire terrier

  Tiny little Mickey is as cute as can be.  He has a black and tan coat.  Weighed only 1.8 lbs at 11 weeks of age.  This little guy is very happy and already plays with toys.  He loves everyone and is not a shy puppy.  He would be a great little lap dog to… Read more »

Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Cookie

teacup Yorkie, Tiny Yorkshire Terrier, tinypuppy

    Little Yorkie Cookie is every Yorkie owners dream. Cookie is just 1.8 lbs and 12 weeks old.  She is the perfect little baby that can travel in a pet purse anywhere with you.  Snuggle up by the fire with roasted chestnuts and little Yorkie Cookie and let this little girl enjoy some belly rubs.  Cookie is ready now to be… Read more »

Christmas Jingle Little Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

teacup yorkie, black and tan yorkie, yorkshire terrier

        This is our Little Yorshire Terrier Christmas Jingle.  He has a sweet face and happy personality. Jingle is 13 weeks old and 2.6 lbs.  His double black and tan coat is very dark coat.  Snuggle up by our little Yorkie Jingle, and let this little boy enjoy some belly rubs.  AKC Championship bloodlines! AKC Registration Papers $2650… Read more »

Little Christmas Yorkie Bella

teacup yorkie, little yorkshire terrier, tinypuppy, parti yorkie

  Our Little Yorkie Bella is so sweet.   Bella is 12 weeks old and weighs 2.4 lbs. at 12 weeks of age.  Bella has a beautiful Black and Tan double coat.  She is also very short legged and a short body.  Just as cute as can be.  Bella’s Momma is 1/2 parti Yorkie.  Her dad is… Read more »

Little TeaCup Yorkie Mindy

Black and Tan yorkshire terrier puppy, micro yorkie

    This is Tiny Mindy. Mindy is only 2 lbs at 14 weeks.  She has one of the best personalities in a puppy you could ever ask for.  Mindy cuddles when you want to cuddle and plays when you want to play.  Trust me when I say you just can’t have a bad day… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy Lucy

teacup yorkie, half Parti yorkie, Black and Tan yorkshire terrier puppy, micro yorkie

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier – Championship Bloodlines This is micro yorkie Lucy. Lucy is just 19 oz at 9 weeks of age. She is a short cobby body girl. She has a very very thick and beautiful coat. Her coat is so thick that she looks big in the pictures.  Don’t let that fool you she is tiny and dark. Look… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Puppy Lilly

Yorkshire Terrier Hair styles, Grooming Yorkies, Puppy cut, Teddy Bear face yorkie, teacup yorkshire terrier, tinypuppy

Springtime Yorkie Puppy Lilly – Championship Bloodline Little Lilly has a personality to be loved by everyone. At only 1.8 lbs at 9 weeks she can join you in every adventure you make! Talk about an Early Springtime Surprise! She is ready now to come join your special family.  Her Daddy is a Chocolate Tan (Sable)… Read more »

Little Yorkshire Terrier Lola

teacup yorkie, half Parti yorkie, Black and Tan yorkshire terrier puppy, micro yorkie

Little Yorkie Female Puppy – Sweet little Yorkie Lola is just as darling as can be. At 2 lbs and 9 weeks old she will be the perfect little bundle of Joy for your family. She has a wonderful thick black and tan coat just like her sisters.  They are all three so beautiful.  Her Daddy is… Read more »

Golden Chocolate Yorkie – Championship Bloodlines

Golden Yorkie, Golden Sable Yorkie, Chocolate Yorkie

Golden Sable Yorkshire Terrier with Chocolate Yorkie Bloodlines. Oh My! This baby boy is just too precious for words. A rare Golden Chocolate Yorkie he is. This is little Murphy. Murphey is just 3 lbs and is almost 4 months old. He is Gorgeous. Very beautiful colorings. Little Yorkie Murphy has the Pastoral Champion lines in his mother’s bloodline.  His… Read more »

Tiny Yorkie Puppy Demi – Championship Bloodlines

black and tan teacup yorkie, Chocolate teacup yorkie, golden sable yorkshire terrier, micro yorkie puppy, teacup Yorkie Puppy

Championship Bloodline Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Puppy This little yorkshire terrier puppy is Demi. Oh my goodness she is such a doll. Demi is a pretty as can be. Her little smile lights up the entire room.  She is only 2.6 lbs and 4 months old. She is a beautiful very dark Black and Tan. Her mother has… Read more »

Teacup Golden Sable Girl with Chocolate Bloodlines

Chocolate teacup yorkie, Chocolate Yorkie, golden sable tiny yorkie, golden sable yorkie

Teacup Golden Sable Yorkie Tiny Girl with Chocolate Bloodlines! This sweet little girl is Fanci.  She is gorgeous and tiny.  She has championship bloodlines and it shows. Fanci is just stunning with her Golden Sable coat. Fanci only weighs 1.8 lbs at 11 weeks and is tiny and small. She is ready now to come be your… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Baby Khol

Micro Yorkie Baby Boy Khol.  Dark Black and Tan with Championship Bloodlines. Our little Micro Yorkie Khol is something else.  He has such a sweet disposition. He is only 24 oz at 11 weeks of age.  He has that stunning double coat and cobby little body.  Khol is ready now to come be your tiny  yorkie… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Girl – Maci

teacup yorkie, tiny yorkie, teacup yorkshire terrier

  Sweet little Valentine Yorkie is sure to win your heart. Weighing only 35 oz at 15 weeks, she is extra tiny. Our little Maci teacup yorkie is a precious little gem and a real snuggler. She will steal the heart of everyone and look both ears are almost up.  She will be tiny and gorgeous.  Family loved and Family raised. This… Read more »

Teacup Golden Sable Yorkshire Terrier

Little YOrkie, Tiny Chocolate Yorkie, tinypuppy, golden sable yorkie

Teacup Golden Sable Yorkie Puppy with Chocolate Bloodlines Bring Little Romeo home to your sweetheart and you will surely have true love forever. This Little boy is 2.5 lb and is almost 11 weeks old. Romeo is just beautiful with a Beautiful Golden Sable thick little coat and little button eyes.  He is ready now to come be your… Read more »

Charlie Brown Christmas Teacup Yorkie

Golden Sable Yorkie, Golden Sable teacup Yorkie, Charlie Brown Teacup Yorkie, tinypuppy

    This is our truly sweet Teacup Yorkie, Charlie Brown.  He joyfully bobbles along just like Charlie does with the Peanuts gang as they learn the true meaning of Christmas.  Just like Charlie Brown this little sweetheart will win the hearts of everyone in your family.  He is only 2 lbs and is 13 weeks… Read more »

Christmas Teddy Bear Little Yorkie Puppy

Cobby Body Yorkie, Teddy Bear Yorkie, Little Yorkshire Terrier, Tiny Yorkie Boy

This Little Yorkie is named Bear.  Our little Teddy Bear is just as sweet as can be.  He has a thick Teddy Bear coat and a cute little Teddy Bear face.  Little Bear has a short cobby body.  Bear is 2.4 lbs at 11 weeks old.  Put this little Bear on your Christmas list and he… Read more »

Beau – Teacup Yorkie Puppy Tiny

micro teacup yorkie, micro yorkie, teacup yorkie, golden sable yorkie

Tiny Black and Tan Teacup Yorkie Puppy! Our little Beau is absolutely Stunning.  This little guy is Tuxedo Ready.  He is 2.6 lbs and 4 months of age. He is estimated to be around 3.5 lbs full grown. Beau has a thick black and tan coat and a cobby little body. The sunlight makes his hair look lighter but… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy Tiny Timmy 1 Lb

micro yorkie, micro yorkshire terrier, 1 lb yorkie, tiniest yorkie

    Our tiny Micro Yorkie Puppy Tiny Timmy is as cute as can be.  At  He has a sweet tiny face and a soft little coat and is ready soon to come keep you warm this Christmas. He has a dark, dark coat, short little ears and a tiny nose.  This little guy is… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy Cocoa Mia 19 oz

micro teacup yorkie, micro yorkie, micro sable yorkie, golden sable

  Micro Cocoa Mia is every Yorkie owners dream.  Teeny Tiny Cocoa Mia is just 19 oz and 14 weeks old.  She is the perfect little baby that can travel in a pet purse anywhere with you.  Snuggle up by the fire with roasted chestnuts and Cocoa Mia and let this little girl enjoy some belly rubs.  Cocoa Mia… Read more »

Little Yorkie Chester

Little Yorkie Boy, Golden Sable Yorkshire Terrier, Gold yorkie

Little Yorkie Chester is the sweetest little lap puppy.  He is the perfect little puppy to sit with you around keeping you warm by the fire.  Chester is 2.6 lbs and is 13 wks old.  His Mother has the gold gene and is a Parti Yorkie. Dad is a Golden Sable Yorkie with Chocolate and Black and… Read more »

Micro Molly Teacup Yorkie Puppy

Micro Yorkie, teacup Yorkie, tiny yorkie, Yorshire terrier girl, tiny puppy

Our tiny little Molly is just a little doll.  She is only 22 oz at 10 weeks of age.  She is happy and healthy and ready to come be your little purse baby. DOB 8-27-2015 AKC registration Papers $3200  

Teacup Yorkie Baby Boy Bentley

  Our little Bentley is absolutely Gorgeous.  He is 2.5 lbs at 3.5 months old.  What a gorgeous little boy.  Bentley loves to cuddle and play with his sister Molly.  His coat is blue and gold and beautiful.  Bentley is ready now to go to his new home. DOB 8-27-2015 AKC Registration Papers $2650  

Teacup Yorkie Mindy. X tra Tiny Girl

micro yorkie, teacup yorkie, tiny yorkie, tinypuppy

This little Teacup Yorkie Puppy is ready to come and cheer your team on.  Mindy is just 3.9 lbs and is over 5 months old.  She is tiny and fun.  She loves to play and is already chasing a little football around. Perfect size to take to the games in your purse puppy tote.  Mindy is ready… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Matthew

black and tan teacup yorkie, 1/2 parti yorkie, teacup yorkie

This tiny little guy is Matthew.  He is little like his Daddy. He is 5 months old and weighs 3.8 lbs.   He is a dark Black and Tan.  Both parents have black and tan in their bloodlines.  His mother is blond but 1/2 Parti Yorkie and 1/2 Black and Tan.  Snickers is just 4 lbs… Read more »

Little Cadbury Chocolate Sable Yorkie

Chocolate Yorkie, Golden Sable Yorkie, Toy Yorkshire Terrier

This is our tiny little Cadbury. Cadbury has lots of personality and loves to play and give kisses. He too is ready to come and give you a football watching partner.   Cadbury is over 6 months and weighs 5.5 lbs.  He is ready now to be your little football buddy.  His Mom is DJ and… Read more »

Little Blond Yorkie Jeremiah

AKC Blond Yorkie, Blond Yorkshire Terrier, Gold Yorkie, Gold Yorkshire Terrier

Our Little Jeremiah is geared up for the football season.  He is 5 months old and 5.8 lbs.  What a little sweetheart.  He has that sweet personality that everyone loves.  Jeremiah is ready now to come and watch those football games this year with you.  Just a precious little lap dog.  He is Blond and looks like his Mother.  She has… Read more »

Micro Nibbles – Special Yorkie Puppy

Teacup Yorkie, tinypuppy, Teacup golden Yorkie Puppy

This Beautiful Micro Golden Yorkie Boy is Nibbles. You see, Nibbles gets his name faithfully. Nibble’s Mommy (who I might add is a very good Mommy) was trying to protect him when he was a tiny tiny baby.  Another Yorkie Mama tried to take him home with her so he ended up in the midst of a brawl…. Read more »

Little Yorkie Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo, Yorkie baby, tiny Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier

Little Yorkie Puppy Jimmy Choo gets his name faithfully.  He isn’t your typical cute pup though. He’s so much more than a pretty face that you would do anything to pet.  He is a Toy size yorkie with a cobby short body.  He is short but solid and weighs 1.6 lbs at 5 weeks.  Beautiful Black… Read more »

Little Kibbles Golden Sable Chocolate Yorkie

Gold Yorkie, Golden Yorkie, Teacup sable yorkie, chocolate yorkie

  This is our tiny little Golden Kibbles. Kibbles is beautiful. He has such a perfect coat. His cobby little body is darling. Kibbles is 1.6 lbs and 6 weeks old. He has lots of personality and loves to play and give kisses. Kibbles has a coat like his daddy.  DJ is a gorgeous little Mom and is 4.5 lbs. AKC Registration… Read more »

Coco Pari – Micro Dark Chocolate Yorkie

Micro Yorkie, teacup Yorkie, Golden Sable Yorkie

  Our Micro Yorkie Coco Pari only weighs 1 lb at 7 weeks of age.  She is naturally sweet and and little snuggler.    She elegant and tiny and will make everyone take notice her. Her coat is thick and a very rare dark chocolate (Sable). Her Mom is a dark Black and Tan and her Dad is a golden sable color.  She has… Read more »

Beautiful Yorkie Denni – Champion Lines

teacup yorkie, parti yorkie bloodline, blue and gold yorkie, juvenile yorkie for sale

  Our Beutiful  Tiny Yorkie Denni.  Denni weighs only 4 lbs and is almost 8 months old.    What a sweetheart.  She will melt your heart with love. Denni’s mom is 1/2 parti yorkie.  Denni has a very beautiful thick coat and sweet little eyes. She is a little sweetheart who loves to snuggle and nuzzle. She would be a great addition to… Read more »

Oh Susie Q – Tiny Teacup Yorkie Baby

susie q baby yorkie

  OH Suzie Q.  What a darling little girl.  She is almost 6 weeks old and only weighs 23 oz.  Looks like she will be black and tan like her Mama.  She is already playing with toys and wrapping me around her little paw.  You will love our Susie Q.  She also loves to hear… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Nellie – 1/2 Parti Yorkie

teacup yorkie, teacup yorkshire terrier, tiny puppy, tiny yorkie

What a cutie pie.  This little yorkshire terrier is a pretty as can be.  Nellie is just 19 oz 7 weeks of age.  Even though she is a 1/2 Parti Yorkie her coat is very dark.  He Dad is a golden Sable and her mom is a full Parti Yorkie with the Nikkos parti yorkshire lines…. Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Pixie

micro yorkie, teacup yorkie, tiny yorkie

    Pixie is one of those special little teacup Yorkie girls that is just full of love.  She is  12 weeks and weighs 1.6 lbs.  She is very smart and already  fetching a ball. It is so cute.  Brings it back every time.  Pretty good for a tiny yorkie.  Shes a cutie that knows how… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Hot Chocolate

Chocolate yorkie, teacup chocolate yorkie, tiny chocolate yorkie, christmas puppy

Our little Mandy is as sweet as a cup of Hot Chocolate.    She is estimated to be in the 3.5 to 4 lb range.  She has a chocolate coat with a black nose.  She is just a little snuggler and just like a cup of Hot Chocolate she will keep you warm all winter…. Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Bella

teacup yorkie, tiny puppy, yorkshire terrier puppy, teacup yorkshire terrier puppy

Oh what fun it is to snuggle with  Bella.  She is a sweet doll and just loves to ride in her sleigh.  Bella weighed only 3.2 lbs and is 5.5 months old.    What a sweetheart.  She will melt your heart with love.  Bella’s mom is 1/2 parti yorkie. AKC Registration Papers DOB 08-18-14 $3200  

Micro Yorkie Christmas Noel

Micro yorkshire terrier, micro yorkie, teacup yorkie, christmas puppy, tinypuppy

  Our xtra xtra tiny Noel.  Noel known at Ellie around here is a very special little girl. She weighs only 20 oz and is 14 weeks  old.  Charting to be around 2 lbs full grown.  She has a beautiful coat with a short little nose.  She is so sweet and what a doll.  She… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Suzy Snowflake

teacup yorkie puppy, tinypuppy, tiny yorkie, yorkshire terrier

  Just like the song says.  “Here comes Suzy Snowflake. Look at her tumblin’ down. Bringing joy to every girl and boy. Suzy’s come to town.” Our tiny little Suzy is just 5 weeks old and still nursing on Mama.  She will be ready in December as soon as she is weaned.   Perfect timing for that December… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy Milky Way

tiny Yorkie, teacup Yorkie, tinypuppy, tiny puppy

This tiny little Yorkshire Terrier puppy is MICRO Milky Way! He is a doll, as you can see. He only weighs 2.4 lbs and will be 5 months old on Halloween.  Milky Way truly Smiles for the Camera as you can see! Not only does he look like a happy puppy but he is a… Read more »

Micro Paris Teacup Yorkie – Championship Bloodlines

tiny Yorkie, teacup Yorkie, tinypuppy, tiny puppy

This Tiny Yorkshire Terrier is Paris. With tiny features that everyone loves, she is one beautiful puppy! Paris only weighs 2.5 lbs and will be 5 months old Halloween. She is charted to be a 3 to 3.5 lbs yorkie!! She loves to play with her ball and unsuccessfully tries to hide it from the… Read more »

Cute Little ACE

AKC Parti Yorkshire Terrier, Parti Yorkie, Parti Yorkie for sale

This is Little ACE!  He is an ACE out of one of the best deck of cards you’ll ever have a chance to play with! With his fun loving personality and a face that can make you smile on your worst day. Ace is one puppy you don’t want to let go of.  He loves… Read more »

Tiny Yorkshire Terrier TEDDY

Teacup Yorkie, Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier, Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, tinypuppy, tiny puppy

This is Tiny Teddy.  Teddy weighs 4.2 lbs at  5.5 months of age and is going to look like his momma.  He has the beautiful Cobby Body that everyone loves with the greatest personality to go with it! Teddy is the type of puppy who loves to play with everyone and cant help but give you… Read more »

Little Yorkshire Terrier Bandit

AKC Parti Yorkshire Terrier, Parti Yorkie, Parti Yorkie for sale

This is little Bandit.  Bandit weighs 4.5 lbs at 5.5 months of age.  He will beg you to pick him up, so he can give you some love.  He loves playing and cuddling at rest time.  He has an amazing personality and is super sweet.   Mom is a AKC Registered Black and Tan Parti… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Susie Q

teacup puppy, tiny puppy, teacup yorkshire terrier

Little Susie Q is as cute as can be. With her baby doll face and thick coat she is going to be very beautiful. Her Mama is just 4.2 lbs and her Daddy is 3 lbs. She is a little doll. Just look at that thick coat. It is beautiful. At 8 weeks she is only 1.6 lbs. Susie Q is… Read more »

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom-Pon Brenna

Biewer yorkshire terrier teacup puppy

This beautiful Biewer Yorkie puppy is Brenna. Brenna weighs 2 lbs at 13 1/2 weeks of age.   Brenna is a  playful puppy with a wonderful personality. She loves to play with her toys and also loves to be held. Brenna has a very beautiful coat. It is thick. She is absolutely a doll. Her Mom… Read more »

Golden Sable Yorkie Baby Mocha

teacup yorkie, golden yorkie, brindle

  Our little Baby Mocha is just as sweet as can be. His coat is beautiful and thick.  He weighs 2 lbs at 8 weeks of age.  Bring this little guy home and put a smile on every ones face.   His Sweet personality will unleash the biggest smile your heart could desire. AKC Registration Papers… Read more »

Tiny Yorkie Baby Beau

yorkie, yorkshire terrier Beau

Our little Baby Beau lives up to his name.  Beau is French for Handsome Sweetheart.  He is so cute with the darkest coat and Beautiful eyes.  He is 1.8 lbs at 9 weeks of age and is estimated to be 4.5 to 5 lb range full grown.  He is a very happy cuddly little guy…. Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Sweetheart

teacup puppy, tiny puppy, teacup yorkshire terrier

  Teacup Yorkie Sweetheart will melt your little heart. She is sweet as a can be.  Sweetheart weighs only 1.6 lbs at almost 11 weeks of age.  What a tiny little girl.  She is charting to be around 3.5 lbs full grown.  Very Black and Tan and a beautiful thick coat.  This little girl will… Read more »

Teacup 1/2 Parti Yorkie Hugs

teacup puppy, tiny puppy, teacup yorkshire terrier

  Our little  Parti Carrier Yorkshire Terrier Hugs is one special little boy.  He is a little on the mellow side and loves people. Hugs loves to play with toys and loves to be cuddled.  He has a dark black and tan coat that I believe will stay black and tan.  Hugs is just 1.8… Read more »

AKC Parti Yorkie Tiny Valentine Kisses

akc party teacup yorkie, akc parti teacup yorkie

    Our little Parti Yorkshire Terrier Valentine Kisses is something special.  She is outgoing, friendly and loves people. Kisses is just 1.4 lbs at 7 weeks of age.  She will be ready to come be your special little Valentine soon. AKC Registration Papers DOB 12/19/13 $3200            

Little Yorkshire Terrier Kimmee – Sold!

Baby Yorkie, Yorkie Hope, teacup yorkie

Our little Kimmee is just beautiful little girl.  She weighs 2 lbs at 8 weeks of age. She is very beautiful like both her Mom and Dad.  Kimmie is from our Mama Dixie’s last litter.  She is now lounging around our house and will live the rest of her life with our family.  She is 7… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Chirstmas Spice

teacup yorkie, teacup yorkie for sale, teacup Yorkie Puppy, teacup yorkies for sale, tinypuppy

  This tiny little Yorkie Boy is my little Chirstmas Spice.  Tiny Spice is 17 oz at six weeks of age.  This little guy has the best personality.  He just turns and looks at you like.  Come play with me.  We’ll have fun. Although he is tiny now he will definantly be able to handle… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Hope

yorky, Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier

  Little Yorkie Hope  is as cute as can be.  She weighs 4 lbs at 16 weeks old.  She has a sweet little face.  Hope loves her brothers and sisters and loves to play with her little teething toys. She is pottie pad training and doing great.  What a little doll.  Hope is ready for… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Christmas Belle! Sold!

micro yorkie, teacup yorkie, micro yorkshire terrier, tinypuppy

Our tiny tiny little Bella is so darling.  She has the most beautiful eyes.  She is just 12 oz at 6 weeks of age.  Bella Loves to play with her brothers and sisters and loves to snuggle my neck.  She will be ready soon.  This little Christmas Belle will Charm her way into you life…. Read more »

Micro Baby Yorkie Tia Rose

Micro Yorkshire Terrier, teacup Yorkie,

      Tia Rose is so tiny she fits in the palm of one hand.  She is only 11 oz at 5 weeks of age.  She is very happy and healthy and will be ready for her new home next month.  Estimated adult weight is around 2 – 2.5 lbs.  She is absolutely stunning…. Read more »

Tiny Yorkie Puppy – Baby Autumn

tiny yorkie, teacup yorkie, tinypuppy

    This is Tiny Little Autumn. Autumn weighs 1.6 lbs at 8 weeks of age.  She is just beautiful and her coat is thick and very soft.  Autumn has the most beautiful Puppy Dog eyes.  They are big and beautiful.  What a little doll.  Championship Bloodlines. AKC Registration Papers DOB 8-26-2013 $2650

My Little Snicker Doodle – Golden Sable Yorkie

golden sable yorkshire terrier, sable yorkie, golden sable yorkie,

  This little Golden Sable Yorkie is Snicker Doodle. What a doll. He is just beautiful, just like his Daddy Snickers. Snicker Doodle weighs 24 oz at 8 weeks of age. He has a wonderful thick coat with short little legs and body.   His Dad has many champions in his bloodline.   Estimated to… Read more »

Teacup Maltese Macy- sold!

maltese, micro maltese, teacup maltese, tinypuppy

This little girl is Tiny Macy. Macy is only 22 oz at almost 11 weeks of age. She has a beautiful white coat and no tear stains.  She is so tiny and so cute.  Estimated to be only around 3.5 lbs.  Very tiny for a Maltese. Too small to Breed.  Pet only! DOB 8-5-13 $3200  

Tiny Micro Mindy Sold!

Maltese, micro maltese, teacup maltese, tinypuppy

This sweet little Maltese girl is ready to go.  Micro Mindy is only 15 oz at 8 weeks of age.  She is short and compact and has a wonderful personality. She loves to play with her sisters. She is a very happy puppy and eats very well. We are so proud of her. She is… Read more »

Teacup Maltese – Micro Mia – Sold

This is one of the smallest Maltese I have had.  She is so tiny.  Weighing in at 15 oz and 10 weeks old.  Micro Mia will be available soon.  Call me if you are interested in her.  Estimated Adult weight just 2 – 2.5 lbs.  So tiny for  a Maltese.  This is a once in… Read more »

Tiny Yorkie Puppy Nickey- Championship Bloodline

teacup yorkie, tinypuppy, tiny yorkie

Tiny Little Yorkie Nickey is only 2.9 lbs and over 4 months old.    His Daddy Sailor is just 2.75 lbs and his Mom is small too.    He is as cute as can be and loves to play with his 2 brothers.  He will be that sweet little baby you can take everywhere with… Read more »

Micro Golden Sable Yorkie – Tiny Reese

sable teacup yorkie, golden sable yorkie, sable yorkshire terrier

      This Micro Golden Sable Yorkshire Terrier Baby Boy is our tiny little Reese.  Yes, he is named after my favorite handfull of Reese’s Pieces.  Little Reese is only 14 oz at 7 weeks old.  Wow he is just a handful and that is it.  His Mom and Dad are tiny too.  Reese… Read more »

Teacup Chocolate Yorkie Lady Godiva. We call her Diva.

Chocolate Yorkie, TEacup Chocolate Yorkie, Lady Godiva

This Yorkshire Terrier Puppy is as sweet as Chocolate. Lady Godiva is a special Dark Chocolate teacup Yorkie. Her parents both have the Chocolate bloodlines.  She is our little Diva Girl. Her eyes just talk to you.  Pretty as can be and ready now to come be your forever baby.   Diva will be large… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Piper – Chocolate Carrier

Chocolate Yorkie, Teacup yorkie, tinypuppy

This sweet little baby is Piper. Pipers is a Black and Tan girl that carries the Chocolate Genes.   Dad is Liver and Tan and Mom is Chocolate. Piper is already going on the pottie pad. She is really smart in her training. We fly with our puppies to deliver them. From our hands to… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy – Iron Man

micro yorkie, tiny teacup yorkie

This is micro Yorkie Iron Man. Yes it really is his name. His 6 year old buddy named him. Iron Man is so tiny. Only 21 oz at 10 weeks of age . IF you have been waiting for that very dark Yorkie, then Iron Man is the one for you. He is very very… Read more »

Scarlett – Beautiful 2.4 lb Black and Tan Yorkie

Scarlett is absouluty Stunning.  Her Dark Black and Tan coat is just Classy.  Her personality is very pleasant.  She is already Pet purse trained and loves to travel.  Scarlet is almost 5 months old and only 2.4 lbs.  We were going to keep her to breed but she is just way too tiny.  This tiny… Read more »

Tiny Yorkie Puppy Pebbles

tinypuppy, teacup yorkie

    Little Tiny Yorkie Pebbles is as cute as can be.  She is just 2.8 lbs at 16 weeks of age.  She is happy and healthy and loves being held.  Her Daddy is an APRI Champion.  She is just as beautiful as both her parents.  Pebbles is estimated to be around 4.5 lb s… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Penny – Champion Sired!

teacup yorkie, teacup yorkies

  Teacup Yorkie Penny is as tiny as can be.  She is only 18 oz at almost 8 weeks of age.  She has a beautiful golden head and will most likely be black and gold.  Her Daddy is an APRI Champion Sire.  She is a very happy and fun little girl.  Loves to play but… Read more »

Micro Yorkie Puppy- Penelope

micro yorkie, teacup yorkie

    Micro Yorkshire Terrier Puppies are hard to come by.  But Penelope is here and just a tiny as can be.  She is 10 oz at 7 weeks of age.   Charting to be 2 lbs full grown.  Not only one of the  tiniest yorkie puppies, she is beautiful and very sweet.  Penelope daddy… Read more »

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Mary Jane

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Mary Jane! She is AKC 1/2 Parti and 1/2 blue gold with Championship Bloodlines.  She melts your heart with her gorgeous looks and loving personality. She is VERY friendly with everyone she meets.  Loves to play with her little toys.  Mary Jane’s Mom is just 4.8  lbs and her Daddy is 2 3/4… Read more »

Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Emily

tiny yorkie, teacup puppy

Tiny Little Emily has a sweet disposition and  prances around with a cheerful attitude. She just seems to be happy all the time!   Her little baby doll face is just as cute as can be.  Both her mom and dad have Championship bloodlines.  Her Mom Jaden is just 4.5 lbs and her Daddy Sailor… Read more »

Little Yorkie Boy Aiden

little yorkshire terrier, tiny Yorkshire Terrier

Meet our Little Yorkie Boy Aiden.  Aiden is 1.8 lbs at 7 weeks of age.  He has a stunning coat and little eyes that will be sure to melt the hearts of any who hold him.  Aiden’s Championship Bloodline Mom is just 4.5 lbs and his Daddy is a whopping 2.7 lbs.  His grandfather is… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Ariel – 22 oz at 7 weeks.

teacup yorkie, micro yorkie

Teacup Yorkie Ariel comes from top notch bloodlines and is absolutely beautiful.  She has a very soft plush coat that will be beautiful as an adult.  She is sooo tiny at 22 oz and 7 weeks old.  She is 1/4 parti Yorkie.  Her Grandfather is a Parti Yorkie and comes from the Nikkos Championship Bloodlines. She is… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Puppy Abigail

Tiny Teacup Yorkie

Tiny Little Abigail is as sweet as can be.  She has the sweetest expression you have every seen.  Thick Plush coat and beautiful baby doll face.  Litte Abigail is only 22 oz at 7 weeks old.   AKC Championship Bloodlines! Grandfather is a Parti Yorkie from the Nikkos Line. She is Potty pad trained, family loved and family… Read more »

X-tra Tiny Gold Dust Yorkshire Terrier Buttercup

white yorkie, gold dust yorkie, gold yorkie,

          This is Buttercup.  She is a rare Gold Dust Parti Yorkie.  She is such a tiny little girl and as pretty as can be.  She is just 2.2 lbs at 12 weeks of age.  She and her sister Goldilocks are weaning from their Mama now.  Buttercup has beautiful markings. DOB… Read more »

Gold Dust Yorkie Goldilocks

gold dust yorkie, gold dust yorkshire terrier

    Here she is.  Pretty as can be.  Our Rare Teacup Gold Dust Yokie Goldilocks.  She is 1.8 lbs at 7 weeks of age.  Goldilocks has a very thick beautiful coat with a White and Gold tint through out the back.  She is a sweetheart that loves to cuddle and loves to play with… Read more »

Teacup Yorkie Tiny Boy

teacup yorkie

Our little Tiny is as cute as can be.  Short legs, Short body and just an absolute beautiful coat.  He is almost 18 weeks old and weighs only 2.6 lbs. Tiny is ready to come be your little buddy.  He has a great personality.  DOB 11/23/12 AKC registration Papers $2650. Sold!

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Baby Brett

This beautiful Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Boy is Baby Brett. Brett is an absolute doll. He is very calm and loving. He loves to cuddle in your arms. He has a very thick beautiful coat like his Mother Sakyra. His mom is 4.2 lbs and his dad is 4.8 lbs. He loves to play with his… Read more »

Micro Tia

This is x tra tiny Tia. Tia iThis is x tra tiny Tia. Tia is a litte over 3 lbs at 6 months old. Tia has a cute tiny petite body. She is a sweet little girl that will always be able to fit in your puppy purse. She is a sweetie pie. AKC Registration… Read more »

Lil Boy Yorkshire Terrier BlueTooth

Meet Little Boy Blue Tooth. He is adorable and very laid back. Calm and cuddly little boy. Blue Tooth is just 4 lbs and 6 months old. He is just the cutest thing ever. He is ready to come to a new home and keep you company. You could take this little guy and snuggle… Read more »